Astrology in Action

New on 31 March 2017

Step 2 is now available. There is a link in the navigation above or click here.

In these nine videos, we begin interpreting natal charts. If you have watched the videos in Step 1, then you are familiar with planets, signs and houses and now we begin to make sense of it all and start to analyze natal charts so we can translate astrological terms into human behaviour

First visit?

If you are new here, then take a look first at Step 1. We go through the basic factors you deal with in a horoscope – houses, planets and signs. This way, we become familiar with how different astrological factors influence the various areas of life.
If you want to read some details, you can download three astrology books from the Downloads page.


I am always happy to talk about astrology, so if you have questions or comments, let me know. Email me – – or we can chat if you send me a telephone number.

Step 3 will be announced soon.