This page lists the videos in Step 1.

Video 00

About a website – – where you can find reasonably accurate birth times for famous people whose charts you might want to study.

Video 01

An introduction to astrology – what it involves, how to learn it, and so on.

Video 02

Getting to know the 1st and 7th Houses.

Video 03

The 2nd and 8th Houses and what sort of information they give.

Video 04

The 3rd and 9th Houses.

Video 05

The 4th and 10th Houses.

Video 06

The 5th and 11th Houses.

Video 07

The 6th and 12th Houses.

Video 08

The Sun and the Moon in a natal chart.

Video 09

Three planets – Mercury, Venus and Mars in the natal chart.

Video 10

Two planets – Jupiter and Saturn in the natal chart.

Video 11

The outer planets – Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in the natal chart.