This page lists the videos in Step 2.


These videos walk you through making sense of various natal charts. We do some exploration of the horoscopes of Yves St Laurent, singer/songwriter Brian Wilson, novelist Henry Miller, Hillary Clinton, and others.

What you get is a method to follow that will reveal conditions and situations in the lives of these people.

You can apply the same method to your own natal chart, or to the horoscopes of people you know. This way, you develop understanding of how they – and you – are built and how you all naturally function.

Video 1

The best format for a chart; with examples.

Video 2
The problem with beginning with an aspect between two planets; and the better way to interpret a chart demonstrated.

Video 3

Hillary Clinton’s two birth times – but only one is right. Which one is it, and how do we tell?

Video 4

The advantages of beginning with the Ascendant. Looking at fashion designer Yves St Laurent, singer/songwriter Brian Wilson, and novelist Henry Miller. Their horoscopes, and how their own words verify the chart.

Video 5

Decanates and their rulers – they work with any cusp and planets, but we start with the decanate on the Ascendant of Yves St Laurent and Brian Wilson.

Video 6

More on the rising decanate – this time for Henry Miller.

Video 7

The Midheaven, the 10th House cusp, shows the career and business – as we see from the natal chart of Yves St Laurent; and a look at relocation charts.

Video 8
Henry Miller’s midheaven.

Video 9

Your next steps.